AMP and BrandSource Form Furniture Partnership

Posted by AMP Team on Aug 6, 2018 11:38:04 AM

Tustin CA, July 26, 2018 – AMP and BrandSource have formed a mutually beneficial partnership to provide home furnishing content solutions and digital assets to BrandSource dealers. This partnership will connect the growing roster of BrandSource members to AMP’s industry leading product content tools, giving dealers more assets to market and merchandise furniture. Moreover, this vendor content solution will provide manufacturers a more efficient method to distribute product data to independent retailers. AMP will provide a digital catalog to display vendor SKU’s and product information in an organized and efficient fashion for BrandSource dealers.

his exclusive arrangement will allow BrandSource members access to all of AMP’s asset database. AMP and BrandSource will be working hand-in-hand to ensure dealers have access to professional resources to enhance their digital marketing capabilities. Vendors, through the partnership, will be able to modernize the way they showcase their products to customers, through digital catalogs, created by AMP.

This arrangement further solidifies BrandSource’s commitment to being the dominant player in the home furnishings category. In addition, it expands AMP’s content database by providing these services to over 1,500 of BrandSource’s home furnishing dealers and their commitment to customer satisfaction and ease of use.

Patrick Henley CEO of AMP says "Merging the capabilities of these two great organizations is an opportunity that does not come by often. The entire AMP team is excited to launch this partnership and show both BrandSource members and vendors what AMP can do!"

AVB BrandSource retailers comprise more than $19 billion in annual retail sales with nearly 4,500 independent members and is the largest unified merchandising group by number of members and volume in North America, BrandSource has the ability to negotiate strong programs with manufacturers and service providers in order keep its independent retailer members relevant and competitive in the consumer marketplace.

AMP is a software platform built specifically for the furniture industry that integrates business platforms, tools and devices. It organizes, enhances and publishes your data to websites, app, print resources and sales analytic dashboards. AMP benefits and programs include a B2B marketplace, website design, and an app-integrated digital catalog.

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